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Tuition 2023-2024

Tuition, Stewardship & Development

Providing our children with a high-quality, faith-filled education is an effort that requires financial support. The average cost of educating a student is over $8,000 per year. The school is funded through:
  • Tuition payments
  • Stewardship offerings & Parish investment
  • Development commitments
  • Parent Fundraising

Tuition Schedule (2023-2024)



Tuition Assistance

We know that Catholic education changes lives. For many families though, the cost of tuition makes it unattainable. If a family desires a Catholic education for their student, we encourage you to apply for the Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship or for financial assistance through FACTS.

Empower Illinois Tax Credit Scholarship Program

Empower Illinois Scholarship Program awards tuition assistance grants to K-12 students from families with limited financial resources. Visit to access the reservation form and begin your application.

Parish Investment

The parishes invested over $88,000 of offerings in the school for the 2023-2024 school year. The church relies on the generosity of school families, as well as all parishioners, to make this investment.

Fundraising Commitment

St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick School has a FinanceCommittee that plans initiatives to grow the school’s, Celtic Fund. The Fund is used to cover the cost of multi-student tuition discounts, tuition assistance, academic and technological enhancements, budget shortfalls, and resources for the future. Each year, there is a development goal that supports this effort. Each family is asked to contribute to support that goal, as well as participate in voluntary fundraising efforts and events. Your support is appreciated!
The St. Alphonsus / St. Patrick School Board- Advisory Council

The St. Alphonsus / St. Patrick School Board- Advisory Council

The mission of School Advisory Council is to promote and support excellence in the Catholic education of St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick School students.


This Council is an essential group created to focus on the development of the school’s long-range plans. The members will review and advise concerning the school budget and setting tuition rates. Furthermore, they will participate in recruitment and act as a public relations and marketing arm of the school.


Membership on the Council includes members with various areas of expertise, including public relations, finance, development and curriculum. As of now, the School Advisory Council membership will consist of school parent representatives, parishioners, and a representative from the Lemont community.